Kapitoshka was born January 8, 2006.  He is the son of Geoff and Lika.  Please enjoy these pictures.  Click on each to enlarge. Hover over each for a description.

First picture of Kapitoshka at home with proud parents Close-up of Kapitoshka with his parents mom and dad love their new son Kapitoshka loves socks Kapitoshka loves playing with dad's socks Kapitoshka smiles with his favorite toy (a lion) Kapitoshka studies some slippers and a new toy Kapitoshka finds some shoes he likes Kapitoshka wants to help you remove your shoes Kapitoshka pulls on your shoelace Kapitoshka investigates what is inside the slipper Kapitoshka says, "What did I do wrong mom?" Mom puts Kapitoshka in Dad's slipper Kapitoshka learns to use Dad's slippers Kapitoshka misses the mark in potty training, room for improvement Kapitoshka and Mom at dinner time, love that salmon that Dad cooks! Kapitoshka and Dad bonding Kapitoshka close up #1 Kapitoshka close up #2 Kapitoshka close up #3 Kapitoshka close up #4 Kapitoshka playing #1 Kapitoshka playing #2 Kapitoshka playing #3 Kapitoshka playing #4 Kapitoshka gets a bath Kapitoshka loves to daddy's fingers Kapitoshka plays with football Kapitoshka on his blanket Uncle Bruce and Kapitoshka #1 Uncle Bruce and Kapitoshka #2 Parents and Aunt Jing with Kapitoshka Parents and Kapitoshka #1 Parents and Kapitoshka #2 Kapitoshka takes Angelika shopping in San Francisco Kapitoshka and Dad love the Raiders (Freddies too) Kapitoshka readies himself for a shopping trip