The Freddies Visit the "The Friendly Confines", Wrigley Field in Chicago

On Sunday, September 13, 1998, Freddy T. Nee, Dafoy, and Honorary Freddy Bruce went to Wrigley Field in Chicago to watch the Chicago Cubs play the Milwaukee Brewers.  They were in town for a convention and were fortunate enough to snag some tickets to go to the game.  Sammy Sosa (or as the Freddies call him, Shammee Soshasha) hit his sixty-first and sixty-second home runs that day with Dafoy, Freddy, Bruce, and over 40 thousand other fans in attendance.  Below are some of the pictures taken of Freddy T. Nee, Dafoy, Bruce, and Sammy Sosa documenting this incredible outing.   Of course, it goes without saying that the reason that Sammy Sosa hit home runs #61 and #62 that day was because Freddy T. Nee was in attendance.  Freddy spent the entire game in his own seat.  Now, most people would call Freddy's seat a cup holder, but according to Freddy, it was definitely a seat and not a cup-holder.

Scott Spiezio of the Oakland Athletics was so proud of the Freddies that he signed a baseball card to them, which is included below.

Click on the images below to view the enlarged versions.

9/13/1998 Cubs game ticket Dafoy and Freddy at Wrigley Field Bruce and Freddy at Wrigley Field Sammy Sosa hits home run #61 Scoreboard with Sosa's 61st home run Sosa hits #62 at this at bat Sosa rounds 3rd base after hitting #62 Sosa touches home plate after hitting #62 Spiezio autographed card

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