Our Background

The Freddies are of course owls. But not all owls are Freddies. Some owls are real, some are stuffed, and a few are Freddies. In order to become a Freddy, an owl must pass a rigorous probationary period where all voted in Freddies who are members in good standing of the Western Council of Freddies (or Midwestern Council as the case may be) approve of the probationary owl joining the Council and thus becoming a Freddy. Probation lasts for a minimum of six months. If one is not an owl, one can be voted in as an Honorary Freddy if one demonstrates an unusual love and commitment to the Freddies. Some of our friends pictured on this site (Friends of The Freddies) have reached Honorary Freddy status.

There is some disagreement amongst the members of the Freddy family as to who our actual mother is. Some say that she is a Singer sewing machine while others in the family are convinced that Dafoy's sister's panda bear, Sweetheart, below is the culprit. Dafoy's sister's name is Dakkie. We hate our mother because she constantly calls us her babies and wants to eat us. So, we call her Sweathard. Here she is on a rare occassion actually doing something besides eating.

Sweathard T. Panda

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