The Freddies on Vacation

The Freddies have been fortunate to have travelled the world.  Most of their travel has been to chauffeur Dafoy on his various business trips.  Below are some of the more recent and memorable vacations that the Freddies have been on.   Clicking on the images below will cause enlarged versions to be displayed.  For more pictures of the Freddies at various places around the world, visit their online photo album.

Oakland Coliseum

Oakland A's Luxury Box Freddies and Dafoy with Stomper the Oakland A's Mascot Home Plate Freddies  Freddies Jump the Wall Scoreboard Freddies World Series Trophy FreddyHome Run Ball #70 FreddyFT Raider, Sandi, and Bill at Raiders/Seahawks tailgateSandi and FT Raider at Raiders/Seahawks tailgate


The Island of Alcatraz

The Bird Owls of Alcatraz #1The Bird Owls of Alcatraz #2



Freddies on the road in ArizonaRed Rock FreddiesCactus FreddiesFreddies visit South Mountain



Freddies and Dafoy at Arc de Triumph in Paris, FranceFreddy and Valentino in Pisa, ItalyFreddy in Florence, ItalyFreddy and Susan at the Coliseum in Rome, Italy


Carribean Cruise

Cabin FreddiesSt. John Virgin Island Cruisin' FreddyFreddies and Cabin Towel FriendFreddies Cabin Turn-down ServiceFreddies with Jenny the Cruise Aerobic InstructorFreddies touring the ship


DisneyWorld and Universal Studios Florida

         Dafoy and Freddy at EPCOT GardensDafoy and Freddy at EPCOT 3D MovieFreddies and Sophie #2 meet the Disney Contemporary Resort DucksFreddies being eaten by Downtown Disney LegoLand's LionFreddies eat at Disney MGM's Hollywood Brown DerbyDafoy and Freddy at Universal Studios


"Honorary Freddy" (Bruce) Takes a Trip to China

Freddy T. Squealer and Bruce arrive at Bejing airportFreddy T. Squealer falls in love with Chinese candiesFreddy T. Squealer at the Great Wall of China #1Freddy T. Squealer at the Great Wall of China #2Bruce and Jing in a Boeing 777 first class cabin


Alligators in the Swamps of Louisiana

Freddy and Bruce meet an aligatorFreddy and Dafoy meet an aligator


San Diego Weekend Getaway

Hawaiian Luao Freddies and DafoyOld Town Freddy and DafoyLa Jolla Scenic View Freddies and Dafoy


WWE RAW: Live From San Jose, CA

Dafoy, Dennis, Ari, and Freddy at the WWF EventWWF Superstar Chyna signed autographWWF Superstar Triple H signed autograph


Kiev, Ukraine

Dafoy, Angelika, and Freddy The "B" at the balletDafoy, Angelika, and Freddy The Squealer at lunchAngelika and Freddy The Squealer in an underground mallDafoy and Freddy The "B" signing the letter to Yanocovich in Independence SquareDafoy and Freddy The Squealer in front of a Kiev universityFreddy The Squealer finds a home

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